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The day has come where I am selling my Tamale.
500 or best offer.
Special deals for miss kimberly casey... if she can someday afford insurance.

pahties and adam

crazy pahties at erins house on Saturday.
Prob. not as crazy as PQ's but prob. just as fun.

OK OK guys i can finally admit that he's more than a friend. Now what?

p.s i slept for 14 hours last night.
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i never thought this could happen again,
my parents just bought me cigarettes,
and my life is going great... besides


2 am

-It's half past two on a Monday night.
-I havn't slept in 3 days
-In the last 8 hours i've cried for 6. My eyes burn
-In the past 4 days nothing has entered my system other than coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol.
-I just thought i could brush you off- I should be over you by now at least.
-Whenever i think about the perfect guy, i think about you.
-And it makes me sad because i messed up.
-Gave you up without knowing where my actions were going.
-i miss you
-It hurts to know you dont care whether i miss you or not
you didnt tell me, but i know.

- where did all my friends go?
- i traded them in for useless habbits.
- i dont have her cuz she's with him
- i dont have him cuz she's with her.
-can someone save me?
-someone help me crawl out of this whole
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